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file upload

Be sure to send or upload everything necessary for printing your project. Compress the files with file compression software. If you do not include all of your files, or files are corrupted this may delay your project.

comercial file compression software:

mac or windows
DropStuff or WinZip

free open source file compression software:

mac os x
keka or yemuzip




upload instructions:

1. Click the choose file button to locate the files on your hard drive you wish to upload,.

2. to upload additional files, click the choose file button again for however many files you have to upload.

3. click the upload button.

status of your upload will be shown with a progress bar. Please be patient, the size of your files will determine how many minutes it will take for your upload.



 Files Uploaded:
0 of 0
 Current Position:
0 / 0 KBytes
 Elapsed Time:
 Est Time Left:
 Est Speed:
0 KB/s.

Order Number(s) (optional):

File Name(s) (optional):




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