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to create your paper media

The following are guidelines in what we need to create your paper media.



From your samples, mock-up's, images and resources we can create effective paper media.


Please make your instructions very clear in regards to layout, images, fonts used, media type, placement of fonts and images.

Accepted Instructions and mock-up's:
• Microsoft Word or PowerPoint
• Apple Pages
• OpenOffice.org OpenOffice
• Printed Samples
• Hand-Drawn Sketches
• Printed Order Form with instructions


Digital images, original art, photographs, transparencies or slides may be submitted for use to create your paper media. Please do NOT send valued original images or artwork, we recommend you have a transparency, print or digital version created.

Accepted Types:
• Digital "JPEG, pdf, TIFF, EPS"
• 35mm Slides "we do not accept negatives"
• Photographs, Color and B&W "we do not accept mounted prints"
• Transparencies, 2.25", 4"x5", 8"x10" "add $45.00 for larger sizes"
• Scanner Ready Art, B&W only "we do not accept art with shades of grays"

If you submit supporting digital images to be used in your media they must be supplied at 300ppi or above. Files at a lower resolution will not be accepted, for highest image reproduction we recommend 400ppi.



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