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paper guidelines

The following are guidelines on how to prepare your art for paper printing.



Recommended applications for producing your art.

• Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, indesign
• Macromedia Freehand
• Quark
• The Gimp
• Corel Painter


Accepted file format to save your work in.

• .psd - Adobe Photoshop files, it is not necessary to keep working layers intact it is recommended to flatten the layers.
• .ai - Adobe Illustrator files with all fonts outlined and all working layers intact.
• .eps - The Gimp, Corel Painter and All applications that support this format.
• .pdf - All applications that support this format.
• .indd - Adobe Indesign, please include all fonts used in the document.
• .qxd - Quark please include all fonts used in the document.

You must include all fonts used in you work and is required if you do not outline the fonts used.

All Pantone Colors must be process colors, colors using solid Pantone Colors are not accepted and may delay your project.

All art in your project must be converted to CMYK, RGB is not accepted and may delay you project.


Color Issues:

• 100% color accuracy is impossible to guaranty. You can help to insure color quality by submitting all of your files in CMYK color mode and make sure the correct color calibration is set for the targeted color match. When these four inks or channels known as CMYK are combined, they produce a range of millions of colors. Changing the percentage or value of an ink or channel may have a dramatic effect on the final image. K or black the last color of the CMYK, may be used to darken colors and shadow areas of the CMY colors, if you are experienced in color C or cyan may also assist in accomplishing this.
• If color is a critical concern we recommend you order a color proof which is available for all of our products.
• We also suggest if you are attempting to mach a sample that you mail the sample to us for so we can determine if your file will be in range of color.


How to insure maintaining the best print quality:

• Use only a quality image source "not images from the web"
• Use the highest possible image resolution "400ppi"
• Scan at 100% to your final print size
• resizing images can degrade the quality of the image
• Do not compress images lower than the maximum setting "jpeg"
• Do not use poor quality or low resolution images, such as web images, low pixel count digital cameras, low quality clip art.
• We can provide scanning for you photos, slides or transparency.


Layout assistance:

Downloadable templates.


Be sure to send or upload everything necessary for printing your order. Compress the files with file compression software such as DropStuff or WinZip. If you do not include all of your files, or files are corrupted this may delay your order.


If you have any questions when preparing your files please give us a call we will be more that happy to assist.




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