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textile guidelines

The following are guidelines on how to prepare your art for textile printing.



If you wish to match another piece of media such as a poster etc., it is best to send us the media you would like us to match.


Recommended applications for producing your art.

• Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, indesign
• Macromedia Freehand
• Quark
• The Gimp
• Corel Painter

We accept the following formats however we do not recommend that you use them for design, we recommend the applications listed above.

• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft powerpoint
• Apple Pages
• Openoffice.org OpenOffice

At this time we do not support Corel Draw so we recommend to export your Corel Draw designs to .eps or .pdf format for use in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.


Accepted file format to save your work in.

• .psd - Adobe Photoshop files with all working layers intact.
• .ai - Adobe Illustrator files with all fonts outlined and all working layers intact.
• .xcf - The Gimp files with all working layers intact.
• .eps - All applications that support this format.
• .pdf - All applications that support this format.
• .indd - Adobe Indesign, please include all fonts used in the document.
• .qxd - Quark please include all fonts used in the document.
• .riff - Corel Painter is acceptable, however we highly recommend to save in .psd format and check your work in Adobe Photoshop before transferring to us. we also recommend saving your work with all working layers intact.

You must include all fonts used in you work and required if you do not outline the fonts used.

If you have called out spot colors it is recommended to assign Pantone Colors to all colors used. Using CMYK or RGB colors is not recommended and highly discouraged and may delay your project.

All art to be printed as a 4 color process job must be converted to CMYK, RGB is not accepted and may delay your project.


When creating your files it is always best to set the resolution no less than 300ppi at 100% for the best print reproduction. We also advise to save your files with the layers intact to allow grater adjustment and color correction when separating for screen printing.

In Adobe Illustrator you will want to set the "Document Raster effects Setting" to 300ppi for the best print reproduction. "this also applies to files for paper printing which we recommend 400ppi"

raster settings

Before saving Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand files outline all fonts used in the art. If you are creating a spot color design "not process color" make sure all spot colors are coated or uncoated PMS colors.


Be sure to send or upload everything necessary for printing your project. Compress the files with file compression software such as DropStuff or WinZip. If you do not include all of your files, or files are corrupted this may delay your project.


If you have any questions or concerns when preparing your files please give us a call, we are always more that happy to assist.



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