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the image of an american icon

James Dean in a topless speedster blasting around sunny southern california wearing what is now an american icon ...the t-shirt.

The t-shirt is a mainstay in the worlds dress code, and is here to stay. A blue collar clothing staple of tradition has now infiltrated it's way into fashion becoming part of every age group. The roots of we-designstudio has been in the t-shirt design biz since the end of the 1970's, leaving us well aware of the design trends of the t-shirt.



we-designstudio's style has grown with the times and technology. From our roots of traditional design to today's digital environment we are well versed in both mediums. Though our background is ingrained with tradition, our preference is to produce commercial textile design by digital means. Our digital studio is built on the production software of Adobe, macromedia, quark as well as open source applications such as the Gimp. For a look and feel of traditional medium such as watercolor, oils, acrylics, pastels, sponges, we rely on corel painter.


Please view the textile media link for a gallery of past projects we have produced. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or desire further information.


For guidelines, tips and tricks when producing your own art visit the preparing link.


textile design


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