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terms and conditions for work preformed

the following terms and conditions are binding terms for all work preformed by we-designstudio.

1. Delivery: 10-20 working days on small to medium orders.

2. Terms: 60% deposit balance due on delivery.

3. Cost Variation: Quotations are based on the current costs of production and are subject to amendment by we-designstudio on or at any time after acceptance to meet any rise or fall in such costs. quotations given before sight of correct sample or finished artwork may be revised when the full information has been received by the company.

4. Shipping: On request by client.

5. Misprints: 3% is the industry standard for make-readies and misprints which occur naturally in production. Order extra goods to allow for this.

6. Materials: All set-up materials used in the process of printing remain the property of we-designstudio Costs are for labor only.

7. Updates: All changes or updates are processed through your sales/customer service representative only.

8. Printing: Slight variances from print to print, re-order to re-order and between different colored garments are an inherent part of printing and are not considered misprints or defects.

9. Press Checks: Client may request in writing an opportunity to approve the print at the beginning of production for orders over 300 units only. Failure to request shall constitute client waiver of pre-production inspection or approval, pursuant to the faithful interpretation by we-designstudio

10. Rights Reserved: we-designstudio reserves the right to reproduce or display artwork and printed garments as self-promotional and marketing material after such a time when the subject matter becomes public knowledge.

11. Legal: Any and all claims that may arise under the terms and conditions of this contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California. Jurisdiction and venue shall lie in Los Angeles County.

12. General Lien: we-designstudio shall in respect of all unpaid debts due from the customer have a general lien on all goods and property in his hands and shall be entitled on the expiration of 14 days’ notice to dispose of such goods or property as he thinks fit and to apply the proceeds towards such debts.

13. Illegal Matters: (a) we-designstudio shall not be required to print or work with any artwork or matter which in our opinion is or may be of an illegal or libelous nature. (b) we-designstudio shall be indemnified by the customer in respect of any claims, costs and expenses arising out of any illegal or libelous matter printed for the customer or any infringement of copyright, patent or design.

14. Force Majeure: Every effort will be made to carry out the contract but it's due performance is subject to cancellation by we-designstudio or to such variation as he may find necessary as a result of inability to secure labor, materials or supplies, or as a result of any Act of God, War, Strike, Lockout or other labor dispute. Fire, flood, drought, legislation or other cause (whether of the foregoing class or not) beyond we-designstudio control.

15. Acceptable Delivery and Disputes: we-designstudio shall at all times faithfully, industriously and to the best of our ability, experience and talent perform all services necessary in order to complete the customer’s order. claims arising from damage, delay or partial loss of goods in transit must be made in writing to we-designstudio and the carrier so as to reach them within three working days of delivery and claims for non-delivery within 10 working days of shipment of the goods. All other claims must be made to we-designstudio, in writing within 10 working days of delivery. Written acceptance will be provided for credits, re-runs or refunds by we-designstudio, only after the merchandise is examined. Failure of client to comply with this condition shall constitute irrevocable acceptance of the goods by the client.

16. Contractor or Distributor Supplied Merchandise: Client supplies goods at your own risk. we-designstudio will not pay for the replacement of goods for any reason in excess of the cost of the print. Client must supply an additional 3-5% over to allow for make-readies and mistakes. All goods must be counted, separated, securely boxed and clearly labeled by client. client has full responsibility to count and inspect goods for imperfection. Client will be notified of shortages prior to production. we-designstudio is not responsible for, nor will we pay for late delivery charges, cancellations or other miscellaneous items incurred on the clients end. we-designstudio is not liable in any way for cancelled orders, loss of income or loss of client. In the event of loss, theft or damage, property insurance must be provided by the client. we-designstudio's insurance policy only covers goods which are purchased and maintained through we-designstudio Client may not debit invoices for any of the above charges. Client must supply shirts in folded printer’s dozens and boxed in reusable good condition cartons. A handling fee for garments which are not supplied in printers dozens will be charged to client.

17. Cancellation: we-designstudio must be notified within 24 hours by written, facsimile or email communication to cancel any order. All work done up to the point of cancellation will be charged for. Any cancellation received after the 24 hour notice period cannot be accepted. we-designstudio has the right to cancel this order by written notice at any time.

18. Parts and Shipments: Customer agrees to accept and pay for partial shipments within 30 days from shipping date. customer authorizes we-designstudio to make partial shipments at we-designstudio's discretion, unless customer submits in writing a shipping schedule when placing the purchase order.

19. Warehouse Fee: Purchaser shall be responsible to pick up their job within 14 days after notification of production completion. A charge of $15.00 per day, shall be charged for storage if job is not claimed within 14 days.

20. Return Check Fee: Any check that is presented to we-designstudio and is subsequently returned from purchasers bank because of a lack of funds shall cause an additional service charge of $60.00 per note.

21. Personal Guarantee: If this purchase order is made on behalf of a corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company, or any other entity, organization, or association which is not a sole proprietorship, general partnership, or other form by which personal liability is imposed on the signer of this purchase order for merchandise obtained on credit granted in reliance on the application for credit, the persons signing this purchase order, and the officers, members, partners and principals of the application for credit, both at the time of the application and their successors in office or interest, do hereby personally guarantee any and all obligations incurred to we-designstudio, by their principal. Any purchases on credit shall be deemed to be an act of ratification, acceptance and approval of the terms hereof by the officers, members, partners and principals of the application for credit at the time of each purchase. The terms hereof are deemed incorporated by reference into any order for merchandise given to we-designstudio by the applicant.

22. Taxes: Should any tax be imposed by the law, government agency, or board of equalization affect the merchandise billed, customer agrees to pay such tax in addition to the amount of each invoice in a timely manner.

23. Blanket Agreement: I understand that these terms and conditions cover all orders past, present and future.



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